ADASH - Our Goals & Big Picture

ADASH - Goals

At ADASH we are convinced that every child is  gifted and that God has a plan for every child's life,to this end,guided by God's word,we are poised to utilise quality information and association to lead the child on the journey to the discovery and fulfilment  of God's plan for their lives.

 To leverage on the limitless potentials that certain instructional strategies in 21st century learning presents and  ignite in the child a passion for life long learning while equipping him to discover his gifting as they are a pointer to Gods plan for his/her life.

To provide beyond what is currently available in the best practices in 21st century elementary education globally.
 To leverage on best practices from a plethora of 21st century instructional strategies, with great emphasis on the 4Cs(communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration), as well as the new 3R's (reasoning, responsibility and resilience), (Rigor, Relevance and Respect).

 To create a vibrant learning environment centred not only on the instructional strategies and pedagogy but also on intensive continuous professional development for all facilitators, and collaboration with relevant organisations making 21st century education and children's ministry work across the globe.

To create a unique educational module that  works for children on varying levels of literacy.

To promote deeper learning and understanding of Gods word(the Bible) in order to equip the kids with this powerful weapon(the Bible) to triumph in life's battles.     

To promote deeper learning and understanding of grade level academic subjects in creative and invigorating ways connecting these subject areas to real life problems.

      To create a learning module that places the child at the Centre of learning, with the parents, facilitators,caregivers and the child's class teacher, fostering a conducive collaboration relationship that sustains the passion for lifelong learning in the child.

To leverage on the transforming power of Gods word(the Bible) and raise morally sound children equipped beyond the knowledge and skills that intellectual education has to offer ,so they can better prepared to overcome the hurdles  of life.

      To raise the child to posses Skills for active and informed citizenship that empowers them to create solutions to the problems around them leveraging on the opportunities and possibilities that abound in the effective implementation of the instructional strategies.

 To initiate and utilise a plethora of innovative, creative and flexible 21st century assessment tools and processes for the education of the whole child.

To position our selves as global pacesetters in 21st century education.


To organise various parent 2 parent programs  as an opportunity for ADASH parents to invite others parents who are not within the program for conferences aimed at empowering parents for the effective implementation of the spiritual,physical,emotional,etc responsibilities towards their children.
 To provide cutting edge solutions to problems in children’s ministry and 21st century education using cutting edge technology.

To organise various peer 2-peer programs as an opportunity for ADASH children to invite their peers outside the program for spiritual/intellectual exercises .

To build structures at the cutting edge of sustainable smart architecture, art and technology, equipped with state of the art facilities and equipments, that serve as a library,centre for talent discovery/harnessing, innovation and research.these structures will be open to children and teenagers especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

To build a network of professional spirit filled children’s ministers drawn from different parts of the world that will provide trainings, workshops,collaborations exchange programs, conferences etc,to further equip other children's ministers.

To foster a vibrant community where children minsters can easily connect/collaborate globally and take the body of Christ to the next level.

To create a platform of rich association, skills, information, partnerships, and fellowships among children’s ministers in a way that causes a positive paradigm shift in our approach to the sensitive and critical role of children’s ministry in the body of Christ.

To build revolutionary world class libraries/community centers in several rural communities across the globe.

To be the global pacesetter of 21st century educational services and instructional services across organisations making 21st century education work.

To be the global pacesetter in our approach to the implementation of all-instructional strategies and methodologies (parental engagement, collaboration, professional development for facilitators, etc.) adopted within ADASH.

To consistently create opportunities within the children’s ministry and among children’s ministers to experience the move of the Holy spirit and experience invigorating fellowship with the brethren through spiritual gatherings such as praise concerts, camps, retreats, etc.

To create a conducive environment that ensures a constantly rising global soul wining system through  ADASH activities.

To be the global pacesetter in the building of smart, sustainable, intelligently designed, aesthetically inspiring, learning environments, beginning with all learning structures associated with Awakening Destinies.

To provide a conducive environment rich with quality associations and information to equip the child to have deep personal experiences in their relationship with God and in the discovery/fulfilment of Gods plans for their lives.

To build state of the art facilities, partnerships, resources, and information that serve as a platform for the child to discover, harness and explore to its fullest potential, their God given talents to the glory of God.


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